11th/12th August 2007 - UglyMUG meet in Birmingham UK

Contact Lorena Huxley for more details. Kyris is over from the states. Staying in Novotel overnight.

11th December 2004 - UglyMUG moving to a new host

UglyMUG is moving to a new machine at Bytemark.co.uk. We should be moving on Saturday 11th December. The new game will be on game.uglymug.org.uk 6239 - There may be periods when you can't connect to the new game. An old game with a warning message will be left on the old host until we have fully transitioned. The web page should point to the correct one.

7th May 2004 - Additional Java Client

New client added to the website. It is a Java applet and should run in any Java enabled browser. It comes from: http://www.du.org/java/CupOmud. Have a look at the play section to try it out.

19th September 2003 - Pub Quiz Every Monday

The pub quiz is back in operation and has a new game engine. 20.00 GMT every Monday. In the Green Dragon.

5th September 2003 - Drogna valuation

Drogna is the standard currency for the core of Ugly. Steps have been taken so that everyone will be playing fairly for Drogna (even those evil Wizards). And if you come to a get together there is a slight possiblity that you could use them to buy beer (-:

5th September 2003 - tc promoted to Wizard

Please welcome our newest wizard, tc, to his new rank. We hope he has a long residence on UglyMUG, as productive as it has been in the past!

7th September 2003 - WHO listing on website fixed

Due to the hackings of our Perl Guru, Omally, and someone else putting bottom in gear, the WHO listing is now working again on the website.

24th August 2003 - Email Forwarding Added

We have set up email forwarding for for the domain:
You should be able to email:
    [playername/player alias]@players.uglymug.org.uk
with spaces replaced by _'s

To switch off forwarding do:

    @set me = NoEmailForward
and to switch on again just unset. Lists are updated every 10 mins if required so you may have to wait up to 10 mins to see results.

6th October 2002 - HTTPS Server added to Ugly

An HTTP server has been added to the website so people can now connect securely to Ugly. This also also some people to by-pass certain types of web-cache that were preventing the web interface from working. The address is: https://something.uglymug.org.uk/cgi-bin/cgitelnet.cgi?server=blah&port=1234