20030907 - Whored booting

We have now added a system where you can boot anyone for a suitable number of Drogna. It currently depends on their rank and how idle they are at the time. Type 'boot [playername] = [boot message]' and you will receive a quote for the booting. This quote is valid for one minute. Repeat the command to carry out the booting. The drogna will be deducted from you and paid to Ozzard (who is now our bank).

Try booting Ozzard. I am sure he will see the funny side of it.

Thanks to tc for writing the command and everyone else for discussing the details.

20030812 - 'where' command updated

The where command now shows a list of everyone online and where they are so you can see where everyone is and look for fun hotspots.

20030812 - FavIcon

Milady has made a rather nice FavIcon for the website. She is so clever. A bit fat. But so clever.

20021111 - Pub Quiz - Every Monday

Held Every Monday evening at 8.30pm in The Blue Anchor, Void City. You can get to Void City in many ways... Catching a Taxi to Saracen Street or using the Blue command are the easiest.

Its a team event... a captain is elected who represents a team. 6 questions are read out by the Quizmaster and using a number of commands, the Captain, after conferring with their colleagues, writes an answer on a form, which is gathered by the Quizmaster at the end of each round.

There are 8 rounds in total:

  • 1, 2 and 3 - 6 questions per round on a theme - eg 90s Pop Music - 6 points total per round.
  • 5, 6, 7 - same as above.
  • There are two 'Take a Chance' round, in which clues are given. Scoring is as follows: Correct after 1st Clue - 12, 2nd - 8, 3rd, 4, 4th, 2.
  • Of the 6 point rounds, each team may select one (ahead of time) in which their score will be doubled.
  • The maximum points available is 66.

Last weeks winners were 'The Fluffy Handbags' - Fifi, Tarka and friends, with a massive 54 points!

There will be a league table published, and I'm working on prizes, both in and out of game.